Mathare Community Outreach(MCO) is a grassroot interdenominational community development initiative dedicated to improving the lives of the disenfranchised children and their families in Mathare Valley slums.It started in 1994 as a feeding programme where children were fed on a cup of porridge a day following increased malnutrition and related diseases among the children.The realization of other needs such as inaccessibility to education,increased poverty,high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and thus increased numbers of orphans has necessitated the expansion of the initiative to include other programmes.MCO currently ministers to over 1500 children among them over 380 orphans.

The high level of poverty in the slum (poverty level estimated to be between 75 to 80% against a national average of 41.7%) puts basic education beyond the reach of many families. This has contributed to high illeteracy and drop out levels in primary schools

Our Vision,Mission and Core Values
  • The vision of the team is to empower target communities to have dignified and enriched spiritual, social and economic lives; secure a better future for themselves and their dependants; and live for the glory of God.
  • Our mission is to reach out to communities in poor circumstances; provide spiritual, educational and physical support to the associated children so as to help them become responsible and empowered adults for the glory of God.
  • MCO Core Values are:
    Compassion: We extend Christian sympathy to the oppressed based on kindness, patience, and love for our neighbours/mankind (like Christ) – Colossians 3:12-14.
    Integrity: We talk and do things right with thanks – Colossians 3:17.
    Persistence: We have the will and commitment to keep going no matter what happens always full of joy – Colossians 1:11
    Excellence: We work with diligence and the high quality of our work portrays our Christian testimony.