SFL is integral to the fulfillment of MCO's mission to "transform the community with the gospel of love." Towards this end, the program seeks to empower the community economically as well as spiritually. It a savings-led Micro finance program which adopts the use of the Village Savings and Loan Association methodology focused on promoting community-based savings and credit groups. The V S L A methodology builds from an indigenous model that communities have used for centuries in order to manage their finances. The SFL model emphasizes provision of simple and accessible financial services, to the vulnerable and poor communities in the rural and peri - urban areas of Africa

The SFL program is now 3 years old since inception with a staff of 4. Our goal is to reach 5000 member participants with their families approx. 25,000 members, SFL has so far attracted and trained 95 groups of over 1,500 members. Additionally, volunteers from the churches and the community serve as Community Agents mobilizing and training savings groups, taking on this responsibility as a ministry of the church. The newly developed SFL Bible Study seeks to generate spiritual transformation, not simply financial, or physical transformation through savings activities alone. The 32-week Bible Study explores the restoration God desires within man's four key relationships: Man with God, others, the environment, and himself.

A lot of impact and lessons have been documented as a result of implementing SFL in Mathare Slums since inception and these include:

  • Improved saving culture of the poor and the vulnerable in the communities of peri-urban Kenya like Mathare Valley
  • Increased asset accumulation notably like furniture for home, radios, mobile phones and business expansion
  • Improved social networks and capacity to take up leadership roles at community level by SFL members especially by women.
  • Improved self-esteem and control of household resources especially by women.
  • Improved livelihoods (nutrition, clothing, etc)
  • Spiritual growth
  • Increased incomes

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